Celebration & Events

Celebrate your milestones and achievements in the timeless ambiance of Control Room A. Our dedication to preserving its unique history ensures that every event held here is imbued with a sense of honor and distinction, creating an unforgettable atmosphere for your celebrations and gatherings.

Originally serving as a vital hub for powering London in the 1930s, including supplying electricity to iconic landmarks like Buckingham Palace, Control Room A boasts an authentic Art Deco charm. Its original control panel, bathed in natural light from the glass ceiling, offers a picturesque backdrop for any occasion.

Conveniently located in southwest London, our venue is easily accessible via excellent transport links, ensuring seamless arrival for your guests. With a capacity of up to 220 people, Control Room A provides the perfect setting for a variety of events, from elegant receptions to sophisticated dinners and everything in between. Embrace the elegance and versatility of Control Room A, and elevate your celebrations to new heights of distinction and sophistication.